Please note: That some stock maybe out. But coming again.                                                    Plus lots of one-offs not on the website

Rimu and brown colour
      w 120 x d 30 x h 180    
Rimu and brown colour
      w 120 x d 30 x h 180    
Rimu and brown colour
      w 160 x d 40 x h 740    

cotempo drawers 870 w x 1200 h x 420 d $525 rimu colour & mid brown

draw with mirror contempo_n

Contempo 6 drawer with mirror 900h x 500w x 1200L rimu colour, mid brown $599

m17 contempo 6 drawer dresser

6 drawer comtempo dresser 900h x 500w x 1200L rimu colour, mid brown $475

contempo 3 drawer bedside

contempo 3 draw bedside 650h x 400d x 500w rimu colour,& mid brown $169

contempo tall boy

m17 contempo tall boy Rimu colour, & mid brown 1330 h x 700 w x 500 d $525

dante coffee table

dante coffee table 420h x 750w x 1350L rimu colour only $499

empire bench seat

empire bench seat 830h x 590w x 1500L rimu colour only $399

low bookcase with backing

m11 low bookcase with backing 800h x 310w x 1500L brown & rimu colour $325

new york tv cab

lge new york tv cabinet 860h x 490w x 1780L rimu colour $595

mohaogany opuim side table

opium side table brown & rimu colour 410h x 600w x 600L $149

mahogany blanket box

mahogany blanket box brown & rimu clour 420h x 500w x 1000L $325

japanese stool

Jap stool rimu & brown colour 500h x 290w x 400L $79

manhattan oblong table

manhattan oblong table rimu & bown colour 550h x 350w x 700L $175

round table with draw

round table with draw rimu & brown colour 650h x 550 across $199

4 door 4 drawer buffet

4 door 4 draw buffet mahogany 800H x 400w x 1700L rimu colour $575

Dante hall table

Dante hall table 800h x 400w x 1490L rimu & brown colour $375

Cleo bench seat

Cleo bench seat 800h x 550w x 1900L rimu colour & brown $399

3 drawer phone table

3 drawer phone table 800h x 600w x 340d $175 rimu only

slatted tv cabinet

slatted tv cabinet 900h x 700w x 400d $325 rimu only

open shelf

long low open shelf 800h x 1500 w x300 d $399 rimu only

small bookcase

small divided 950h x 600w x 300d $250

madrid mirror

madrid mirror 1300h x 650w x can hang either way $175 rimu, and brown

manhattan coffe table

manhattan coffe table 450h x 110w x 600d $220 rimu, and brown colour

lift off tray table

lift off tray table 520h x 580w x 440d $139 white only

espesos tv unit

espesos tv unit 610h x 1320w x 450d $399 rimu AND brown colour only

canton tv unit

canton tv unit 620h x 1700w x 400d $499 rimu colour only

cabrial leg desk

cabrial desk 800h x 1280w x 440d $399 rimu color only

4 drawer cane

4 drawer cane 1220h x 510w x 400d $275

3 drawer cane

3 drawer cane 940h x 510w x 400d $199

2 draw cane bedside_n

2 draw cane 500h x 490w x 390d $135

bali bali  shelf

bali bali shelf dark, brown, rimu colour 2000h x 900w x 200d $399

Surabaya Japanese Chest

jap chest dark, brown, rimu colour 1200h x 880w x 420d $450

xtra lge bookcase

xtra lge bookcase drown, dark colour 1900h x 1600w x 330d $499

Surabaya Step Bookcase Rustic

step bookcase rimu colour $499

Surabaya Solid Door Bedside

solid door bedside brown and rimu colour 640h x 380w x 380d $120 SOLD BACK IN ABOUT JANUARY

Surabaya Jap Bedside

jap bedside 1 drawer dark, brown, rimu colour 600h x 520w x 370d $149

jap bench seat lge rimu and brown colour 630h x 1200w x 440d $199

Surabaya 3 Drawer Buffet Rustic

surabya 3 draw buffet rimu colour 800h x 1300w x 400d $450

Surabaya 2 Drw Buffet

Surabaya 2 draw buffet rimu colour 800h x 880w x 400d $425

spirit mirror 2

Rono mirror white 900h x 800w x 30d $175

small opium tv cab

Small opium tv cab rimu colour 630h x 1300w x 500d $350

new york buffet

New york buffet rimu and brown colour 760h x 1780w x 530d $499

nest of 3 tables

nest of 3 tables rimu colour Lge table measures 600h x 600w x 400d $275

so ho tallboy

so ho tallboy dark , brown, rimu colour 1160h x 600w x 420d $325

manhatton lamp table

Manhatton lamp table 540h x 540w x 500d rimu and brown colour $149

jap bookcase

Jap bookcase rimu colour 1800h x 900w x 340d $450

cross desk 1 draw

small cross leg 1 draw desk brown and rimu colour 760h x 1200w x 400d $399

solo glass cabinet rimu colour 690 w x 350 d x 2mtre h $399

round table rimu colour 560 h x 500 across $149

Half glass Java Cabinet rimu colour and brown 1800 h x 1000 w x 400 d $499

4 drawer lowboy rimu colour 1250 w x 450 d x 750 h $299

Bedside rimu colour and brown 460 w x 600 h x 400 d $129

display shelf rimu 900 x w 250 x d 1600 x h $225

opium tv cabinet dark 700 x h 540 x d 1800 x w $450

contempo bookcase rimu colour 1800 x h 1000 x w 340 x d $375

1 drawer tall table

1 drawer tall table rimu colour mid brown and dark 300 depth 300 wide 800 tall $119

Surabaya Split Drawer Chest

new york Chest colours dark, brown, rimu, 1100w x 1400h x 490d $550

Surabaya Rustic Coffee Table cut

Surabaya Rimu colour Coffee Table 4 drawer 900w x 700d x 400h $250

soho bedside  png

so ho bedside colour dk rimu colour 700h x 500w x 430d $175

Surabaya Japanese Buffet w wine rack cut

Surabaya Japanese Buffet with wine rack rimu colour 1500w x 430d x 820h $499

Surabaya Sumo Divider Rustic cut

Surabaya Sumo Divider rimu colour 1800h x 900w x 330d $399

Surabaya DVD Shelf cut

Surabaya DVD Shelf cut BROWM AND RIMU CLOUR 1000H X 340W X 340D $129


Surabaya Shanghai Tele table  cut

Surabaya Shanghai Tele table BROWN, RIMU COLOUR 350W X 350D X 560H $89

3 drawer jap bedside


2 drawer tv unit

2 drawer tv unit Rimu colour 1200w x 470d x 650h $325

Surabaya 3 Drawer Hall Table

Surabaya 3 Drawer Hall Table rimu colour & brown 1100w x 400d x 760h $299

Surabaya 2 Drawer Rustic bookcase

Surabaya 2 Drawer Rustic bookcase $350

Surabaya Glass Java Cabinet Rustic

Surabaya Glass Java Cabinet Rimu colour, brown 1800h x 1000w x 400d $499

Surabaya 1 Drawer Bookcase

Surabaya 1 Drawer Rimu colour bookcase 1800h x 550w x 330d $260

Surabaya Zen Divider Rustic

MAHOGANY ZEN DIVIDER COLOUR rimu colour 1800H X 600W X 300D $350